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Property Tax

With us, it’s safe as houses

Whether you’re a professional landlord, property developer, or an accidental landlord – we can help you navigate the complicated and ever-changing world of property tax.

How we help

leave to the experts

Leave it to the experts

We can assist with all aspects of property tax from choice of business structure and their relevant tax implications, to ensuring that all available tax reliefs are claimed.

Stay compliant

We make sure you are operating in the most tax efficient way while ensuring you remain compliant.

expert advice

Expert advice

Whatever you’re unsure about, our experts can answer all your questions – so you can sleep at night.

How it works

Why choose WeDo Accountancy Services

We’re more than just number crunchers, we’re part of your team, guiding you through financial decisions to ensure they align with your long-term goals.

With WeDo, property tax isn’t just a paperwork task – it’s an opportunity for us to showcase our commitment to your financial well-being.

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What’s the benefit of holding BTL property in a limited company?2024-03-01T12:30:56+00:00

The main benefit is that your mortgage interest is tax deductible, which reduces your taxable profit. Using a company structure also provides limited liability in the event of financial difficulties.

However, mortgages through a Ltd Co are normally at higher rate than personal ones and businesses need to pay an additional 3% surcharge on SDLT when making a purchase of residential property. It is essential to weigh up the pros & cons of Ltd Co vs personal name based on your personal circumstances.

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